About eBook Blitz

Many of the free eBook sites that have cropped up in recent years focus solely on free eBooks on Amazon.com.

eBook Blitz was created to share free eBooks on Amazon.com and other sites, like Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords.

While the Amazon Kindle and the free Kindle apps are extremely popular eReader tools, not everyone decided that Kindle was the best choice for them, so we wanted to make sure to include options for readers who use other eReader devices and/or apps.

Here are some things you should know about eBook Blitz.

It looks good on all devices

eBook Blitz has a responsive design, so it doesn’t just shrink for smartphones and tablets.

The responsive design allows everything on the page to reflow, so that the text doesn’t become tiny when you want to view the site on your mobile device.

Search by genre

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s book, young adult, romance, mystery, science fiction and more!

Each book listing is tagged with genres, so you’ll be able to search by more than just title or vendor.


Thanks for visiting eBook Blitz

We hope you find lots of free reading material that’ll keep you interested and engaged!

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