Why the free service was discontinued…

The free service was discontinued for two reasons.

Reason #1 (the major reason)

Authors who self-publish don’t always have a large budget to promote their books, and a free giveaway of their books is ideal to draw readers to their work. Because authors were giving away their work for free, I offered a free option for authors who wanted to have their books promoted on eBook Blitz without having to dip into their advertising budgets.

What I found out is that many authors who were using my free service were going to sites like Fiverr and paying people to submit their information for them. Why should I offer a service for free to authors who have money to pay other people to submit their information for them, especially when there was a box on the old form that authors had to check to acknowledge that they were the one filling out the form and not someone else?

So basically, these authors were being dishonest by having someone else check that box to say it was the author filling out the form, and the author was violating the spirit of what I was trying to accomplish by offering a free option for promotion.

As with so many other things in life, it’s the people who seek to take advantage that mess things up for everyone else.

Reason #2

On the old form for submitting your free download event for free, there was a box that authors had to check that stated they understood that their free event may not be added to eBook Blitz.

Everyone who submitted the free form checked that box, and then I still had authors who would email me to complain that I wasted their time by having them fill out my form and not listing their event.

The result…

There is no longer a free option to submit your limited-time-only event to eBook Blitz.

If you want to pay a service to submit your free event to eBook Blitz, then you can pay that service to submit your event and then pay them extra to pay eBook Blitz for listing your event.

If you do the form submission yourself, then you’re guaranteed to have your event listed. If your event isn’t listed, then you’ll receive a refund.


I go to Amazon.com each day, and I find always-free and limited-time-only, free eBooks to list on eBook Blitz.

It’s possible that your eBook will get listed for free without you having to submit anything, so authors who don’t want to pay to be promoted can just wait, watch and see if I discover their free eBook.

Essentially, there is still a free option to have your eBook promoted on eBook Blitz. The only difference now is that I’m not dealing with dishonesty.

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