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  • Not all the Amazon sites use the "Look Inside" overlay on the larger images. If you go to your book listing on the Amazon Canada site,, and click on the smaller image, you will get a larger image that doesn't include the overlay. Save that image and attach it to this form.

Book Summary

  • The book description that you have on Amazon will be used to create the summary for your listing on eBook Blitz.

    The summary will exclude the following:

    • any and all comparisons to other books
    • reader reviews
    • endorsements
    • "what others are saying about this book"
    • any and all lead-in information or "teaser" information.
    • and so on.

    Nothing but what the book is about will be included in the summary section of your listing. Everything else will be ignored.




My free download days

  • Simply put... it will be even more of a hassle if you accidentally entered the wrong dates above, and your free event doesn't run on the correct dates and you can't receive a refund because the error was on your part. Please indulge us and re-enter your dates, so you and we know that your dates are definitely correct. Thanks.

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